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I am a 15-year old who aspires to become a great mathematician, but the current system of mathematics education is preventing me from doing so, as I had gained the mathematical talent only one or two years ago. You can see that this claim is justified in the documents below. Please, take your time and read A Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhart, avaliable at http://www.maa.org/devlin/lockhartslament.pdf

Please save me from this "math indoctrination".

Thanks very much for your gratitude and selflesness. 


I love mathematics. However my other interests are music and weather. 

cyclic groups of order n.docx cyclic groups of order n.docx
Size : 15.369 Kb
Type : docx
maths2.docx maths2.docx
Size : 22.083 Kb
Type : docx
Homotopy groups.docx Homotopy groups.docx
Size : 23.861 Kb
Type : docx
Psuedomath vs.pptx Psuedomath vs.pptx
Size : 323.362 Kb
Type : pptx
paper.pdf paper.pdf
Size : 144.882 Kb
Type : pdf
Note need to find a new conjecture.docx Note need to find a new conjecture.docx
Size : 22.529 Kb
Type : docx
Fano manifolds2.docx Fano manifolds2.docx
Size : 39.206 Kb
Type : docx
Doc10.docx Doc10.docx
Size : 23.586 Kb
Type : docx
2.3.2.docx 2.3.2.docx
Size : 32.747 Kb
Type : docx
2.3 continued.docx 2.3 continued.docx
Size : 56.558 Kb
Type : docx
42.docx 42.docx
Size : 92.312 Kb
Type : docx
41.docx 41.docx
Size : 24.761 Kb
Type : docx
A mathematician.docx A mathematician.docx
Size : 14.135 Kb
Type : docx
Discovery lie algebras.docx Discovery lie algebras.docx
Size : 60.908 Kb
Type : docx
More discoveries.docx More discoveries.docx
Size : 13.625 Kb
Type : docx
Discovery2.docx Discovery2.docx
Size : 20.377 Kb
Type : docx
PS1.docx PS1.docx
Size : 58.821 Kb
Type : docx
PS2.docx PS2.docx
Size : 30.082 Kb
Type : docx
kahler manifold2.docx kahler manifold2.docx
Size : 22.154 Kb
Type : docx


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